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SA Argus Laser systems provides an opportunity for more entrepreneurs to enjoy the benefits of laser technology.


Our entry model and is ideal for cutting and engraving on a wide variety of materials in small production lot sizes. Perfect for industries such as scrapbooking, corporate gifts, fashion & jewellery and even the events industry.

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Our most versatile machine. It has a working area that is ideal for cutting & engraving on a wide variety of materials and suitable for all industries.

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For big production environments. Designed for laser material processing in a wide variety of big production environments where extra working size is required.

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Engineered for manufacturing environments. In addition to a spacious working area it also has powerful processing power, enabling it to function as a standalone production solution or integration into an assembly line.

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M30 Mopa

Introducing the SA Argus M30, a versatile Fiber Marking Machine powered by the latest MOPA Laser technology. MOPA allows for faster metal marking and high-quality finish without using any laser engraving paste (like Cermark).

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Choose the CO2 laser cutting machine to make your visions a reality!

Here at SA Argus we operate with a particular thought dominating our approach to business: making your dreams a success! While it’s true that we are obsessed with keeping our clients happy, we also believe that everyone should have the chance to make their dreams and ideas a reality. CO2 laser cutting machines and related technology give everyone the tools to make something incredible out of something that seems ordinary, like wood or plastic.

Quality machines, great service and unequalled support from SA Argus

To begin with each and every CO2 laser cutting machine that comes off our production line is put through a rigorous quality test. Our quality control test takes 3 days to complete and ensures that every aspect is tested thoroughl, including; durability, quality guarantees, precision and accuracy to ensure absolute perfection from every machine. A part of this test involves engraving an incredibly detailed Mayan mural onto a small piece of material (wood, glass, plastic, etc).

Should these intricate details not meet our expectations, the machine is disassembled and each part is re-checked before we start all over again.


Our extreme quality checks are not where the quality service stops!

At SA Argus we offer a turnkey solution for laser machines, which means we not only supply the physical machines, we also provide some of the materials you could potentially use. As a one stop shop for entrepreneurial enterprises, we take things a step further with our legendary, unequalled training and support.

In fact, we are so dedicated to supporting each of our clients that the support number on every machine is that of Larry himself. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, everyone at SA Argus is dedicated to giving you nothing less than the best.

If you’re still not convinced that a CO2 laser cutting machine from SA Argus is exactly what you’ve been looking for, then keep reading to see the massive range of templates and creation software to inspire your first project. And if that’s still not enough, we’ve got a little bit more about the incredible range of industries that profit from these awesome machines.

Have A Look At Some Of Our Industries


Create unique custom made 3D signs and cut out lettering with your SA ARGUS laser machine.

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The laser cutting techniques can be used to create a host of commercial display stands.

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Engraving on a variety of corporate gift products is made possible with laser machines. Provide a reliable and speedy service with your SA ARGUS laser machine.

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With a laser machine you can quickly and economically cut intricate designs, cut smooth curves and even engrave.

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From laser cut stationery to custom made event decor, engraving on wine glasses and bottles, even exclusive wedding dresses.

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In the manufacturing of modern interior furnishings – laser technology merges high- quality design and elegant products.

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Think left and think right
And think low and think high.
Oh, the thinks you can think up
If only you try!

Dr Suess

As we’ve said, the only real limit to what you can do with a CO2 Laser Cutting Machine is your imagination. The number of industries which can take advantage of the high-quality results at budget friendly costs are simply too many to list.

With laser machines you can create virtually anything from custom 3D signs, to personalised cell-phone covers, stencils, models, and even wedding invitations. Whether your business is wood working, personalised or corporate gifts, fashion, scrapbooking and even interior design, you and your team will, without a doubt, benefit and enjoy working with our products.

To make life even easier, our online store stocks our massive range of templates. So, if you’re not quite sure where to start, you can start with a pre-designed template that you know will work!

And if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, all our packages include the editing and design software from CorelDRAW, allowing you to edit existing designs, or push your creative skills to the limit while you create new and original templates to bring your vision to life.

And if that sounds intimidating – calm down! Every product sold includes comprehensive training from fully qualified technicians, who are ready and willing to answer all your questions. Are you convinced that we want you to succeed?

If you’re still uncertain, or if you’ve decided SA Argus is for you – get in touch today! Your vision is only a few steps away from coming to life!

View Some Of Our Template Samples


Add this Protea to your  range of laser products. Template was created for 3mm material. Protea measures 220mm tall by 110mm wide.

Files available in AI, PDF, DXF, EPS, SVG and CDR formats.


Beautiful Treasure chest box template. Buy this box template, design, pattern.


Wooden box template with dividers for laser cut and engrave. Buy this box template, design, pattern.


Template for 66 puzzle single line, cut pattern. Heart shaped puzzles with opening in the center.


Photo TREE branch Template for laser cutting. Buy this template, design, pattern. This beautiful cut TREE , is perfect for laser cutting, scroll saw.


Using one of the best laser sources in the world, and pairing it up with a highly responsive, capacitive sensing, auto-focusing laser head, we were able to create a machine that can produce high quality cuts from metals such as stainless and mild steel…

Talent can’t be taught, but it can be awakened.

Wallace Stegner

Ok, so we’ve told you a little bit more about where and how you can use this unbelievable technology to succeed, but you might still be wondering about what kind of materials you can use with the range of SA Argus CO2 Laser Cutting Machines.

Well, almost anything to be honest. The range of materials with which you can create something unique is long and includes;

Paper | Wood | Leather | Acrylic | Fabric | Metal | Glass | Rubber | Granite | And many more…

For more information about which materials work best with which machine, click on the model of  your choice to find out more about how SA Argus and their industry leading laser machines can make your dreams a success!

Have A Look At Some Of Our Materials


SA ARGUS laser systems can cut, engrave and mark paper products of various thickness, coated paper, recycled paper etc.

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Cut, engrave and mark wood veneer, MDF board, Plywood, Balsa, Cork & other softer wood.

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Laser cutting and engraving leather allows for fine detail. SA ARGUS laser systems can cut, engrave and mark leather.

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Laser cutting is used in the production of many acrylic and plastic products. Cut, engrave and mark acrylic, perspex and plexiglass.

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Laser cutting is used in the production of many acrylic and plastic products. Cut, engrave and mark acrylic, perspex and plexiglass.

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Engrave and mark most type of metals and coated metals.

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The true entrepreneur is a doer. Not a dreamer.

Nolan Bushnell