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Build your dream with an industry leading laser machine from SA Argus

Welcome to the world of SA Argus, where the only limit is your imagination. Since 2007, our team of eccentric creatives have been helping innovative and inventive entrepreneurs craft their dreams into solid reality. Let’s be honest; nobody really wants to work for a boss. And why should you have to? Tap into our zany creativity and dedication, our out-of-the-box team (who are dedicated to your success), our home-grown laser machines and the sky is your limit!

A partnership with SA Argus, is a partnership for people who want to make things happen! With an industry leading, proudly South African laser machine, the possibilities are almost endless, and only restricted by the limits of your imagination. With an incredible variety of materials to choose from, and a wide range of functional applications, if you can imagine it, a SA Argus Laser Machine can almost certainly create it!

SA Argus Laser Machines was founded in 2007 by our fearless leaders, Larry and Estelle Smith whose motivation and creative drive keep us moving forward. Understanding what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, is what keeps us innovating and working to help our clients become a success.

Because, as Larry says, “As we grow, we look forward to playing a fundamental part in the success of our clients, as their success becomes our success.” Part of the reason for our exciting success is that despite the incredible growth of our business, every machine still displays Larry’s cell phone number – because we’re there for our clients, 24/7.

SA Argus is not about making laser machines, we are about giving you the tools to bring your dream to life. With the virtually endless applications allowed by Laser machines, we believe we can help you lovingly craft a vision into something solid and profitable! View our range of our laser machines. Click each one to discover how these incredibly versatile and affordable tools can bring your dream to life!



With close to 800 installations since 2007, we are the leading supplier of CO2 Cutting & Engraving laser machines in SA

What Makes Us Amazing?


All SA Argus Laser Machines are locally developed and assembled. The unit includes cooling and exhaust systems specifically tested and designed for the South African climate.


All our laser machine orders include complete installation by our qualified technicians, ensuring that you have everything you need to start making your dreams a reality.


All orders include a 2-3 day training course with our dedicated and passionate trainers, COMPLETELY FREE to give you the skills you need to fully enjoy this great investment.


From keeping all the parts locally (including the laser source), to free, real-time support via Skype or Teamviewer, SA Argus makes sure downtime is always kept to a minimum!