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The MOPA M30 is a compact beast designed for performance. MOPA actually stands for Master Oscillator Power Amplifier. With this groundbreaking technology there is no trade-off between bandwidth and power, making it a small but incredibly effective marking machine.

  • Laser Wavelength 1064nm
  • Laser Output Power 0 – 30W
  • Laser Power Stability <5%
  • Pulse Frequency 60- 1000 kHz
  • Pulse Width 6 – 250 ns
  • Focal Spot Size 20µm

  • Laser Delivery Mode Fiber Optic
  • Laser Source Life Expectancy Up to 5 Years
  • Max Marking Speed 5m/s
  • Max Jump Speed 10m/s
  • Marking Accuracy 25µm
  • Power Requirements 220V – 240V Single Phase

Our offering does not only include laser machines, but dreams turned into business opportunities.

SA Argus

Whats In The Box?


  • The backing of the SA Argus Team – leading Co2 supplier in SA since 2007.
  • Complete laser machine with extractor and cooling system
  • Delivery and installation included in the purchase price (anywhere in SA)
  • 2 Days Training at your premises
  • 1 Year warranty incl call out, labour & parts
  • Free telephone, email, Skype and teamviewer support
  • Availability of parts and speedy after-sale support
    SMARTnavigator ® – includes a direct link to the contact person at SA Argus. – send a free sms, email and system notice for a fast response.
  • SMARTnavigator ® – A desktop application that offers a complete business solution, incl operating software.

Main Software Applications

ARGUSapp ® – Manage your artwork straight from CoreIDRAW to laser machine in 60 seconds.

SMARTphoto ® – Convert any photo for laser engraving with perfect results.

RemoteSUPPORT – FREE support while never leaving your desk.

Training Applications

Learn to design laser-ready artwork in CoreIDRAW with this 17 page practical file and video tutorials.

An easy step-by-step guide on how to convert any photo for laser engraving.

Maintenance training at your fingerprints with these easy-to-follow video tutorials.

Get A Sneak Peak

Production Applications

Know your material – settings, overviews, tips and tricks and different applications.

Short overview of operating the laser. Perfect for new operator training.

Online Shop Applications

Sell laser-ready designs to the global market and/or buy artwork from other designers.

Buy laser-ready supplies at discounted prices, delivered at your doorstep.

COMING SOON! Open your own online shop and sell your products globally.

Marketing Applications

Pin, follow and share – straight from SMARTnavigator® Navigate between the big 4 social media platforms with a single click and be inspired.

Having guts always works out for me!

Stefan Sagmeister

What Can Be Used?


SA ARGUS laser systems can cut, engrave and mark paper products of various thickness, coated paper, recycled paper etc.

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Cut, engrave and mark wood veneer, MDF board, Plywood, Balsa, Cork & other softer wood.

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Laser cutting and engraving leather allows for fine detail. SA ARGUS laser systems can cut, engrave and mark leather.

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Laser cutting is used in the production of many acrylic and plastic products. Cut, engrave and mark acrylic, perspex and plexiglass.

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Laser cutting is used in the production of many acrylic and plastic products. Cut, engrave and mark acrylic, perspex and plexiglass.

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Engrave and mark most type of metals and coated metals.

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Engrave and mark glass & crystal with your SA ARGUS.

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Rubber is an excellent material for laser cutting, engraving and marking.

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A wonderful substrate for photo engraving.
SA ARGUS laser systems can engrave and mark granite & marble.

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Engrave and mark ceramic surfaces & tiles​ and add a personalised touch to any interior.

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Create unique custom made 3d signs and cut out lettering with your SA ARGUS laser machine.

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The laser cutting techniques can be used to create a host of commercial display stands.

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Engraving on a variety of corporate gift products made possible. Provide a reliable and speedy service with your SA ARGUS laser machine.

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Engrave onto a unique gift item such as a lovely vase, a Christmas ornament, a decorative photo plate or even tombstones.

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Create stencils for use in home décor, as cake toppers, coffee stencils or for commercial use with your SA Argus Laser Machine.

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Enabling model builders to produce the model of a house, a car or similar with precision & speed.

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With a laser machine you can quickly and economically cut intricate designs, cut smooth curves and even engrave.

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From laser cut stationery to custom made event decor, engraving on wine glasses and bottles, even exclusive wedding dresses.

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In the manufacturing of modern interior furnishings – laser technology merges high- quality design and elegant products.

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Follow the latest trends and use laser technology to cut prints into clothing, shoes, and accessories.

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The speed, accuracy, easy setup, and suitability make laser systems ideal for scrapbook retailers.

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Create unique mosaic tile designs; everything from tabletops to mosaic tile picture frames with your SA ARGUS laser.

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Puzzles, doll houses and children’s décor – all made possible with a laser machine.

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The rubber stamp market is still here and now laser technology enables mass production and intricate detail.

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One of the most beautiful and diverse new trends is laser cut wedding stationery, invitations and other special cut packaging.

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Laser cutting allows designers to reinvent everyday packaging.

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