5 Safety tips when using a laser cutting machine

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December 10, 2019
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December 17, 2019

Laser cutting machines may be easy to use, but they are not to be played with. The laser cutting industry has grown rapidly and because of this growth, there are many beginners discovering the wonders of this technology. We’re here to give them a few tips on how to use their laser cutting machine safely.


Read the manual

Always read the manual! Don’t try and figure out how to use the machine on your own. The manual is there for a reason. Take the time to read through the pages to gather an understanding of how to set up and use the machine safely. Take note of any safety concerns and keep these in mind when using the machine.


Don’t walk away

Never leave your laser cutting machine unattended while it is busy. Some projects take several hours to complete and leaving the machines unsupervised in this time can be a fire hazard. If the project is too long for one person to monitor the entire time, another operator must take their place to ensure that someone is present if anything goes wrong.



Keep everything clean. Keep your workspace clean so that there is a reduced chance of any accidents happening, such as tripping and bumping the machine. It is also necessary to clean the machine regularly. This includes vacuuming around the laser cutting machine as well as inside the laser cavity.


Know your material

You should always be knowledgeable about the material you are cutting, and its properties. Do not work on a material if you are unsure of what it is or how it could react. Cutting on unknown materials is a safety concern as you may use a setting that is too high for the material and that could cause a fire.


Be aware

Be aware of your environment. Always consider the things that could go wrong and don’t become too relaxed while working with the machine as this could cause unnecessary issues. You should have a fire extinguisher in your workshop and you must take note of where it is in case of emergencies.