5 Advantages of a CO₂ laser cutting machine

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December 10, 2019
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December 17, 2019

The CO₂ laser cutting machine is the perfect tool for cutting, engraving and marking all sorts of material. It is a widely used machine for many reasons. Here are a few advantages of a CO₂ laser cutting machine:



The CO₂ laser cutting machine is very powerful. The machine produces an intense laser beam that can cut through many strong materials such as stainless steel and carbon steel. It can cut through 25 mm when working on these strong materials. The cutting thickness increases to 60 mm when working on materials such as wood.


Cuts various materials

Many materials can be cut with the use of a CO₂ laser cutting machine. Its powerful laser allows it to cut through strong material such as steel. It can also cut through reflective materials such as aluminium, though the cutting thickness is much lower.



The quality of the work produced by the CO₂ laser cutting machine is very high. The continuous laser used on these machines allows for a clean, smooth cut. This laser machine is the better choice among the many other machines when it comes to cut quality when cutting thick materials.



The CO₂ laser cutting machine can cut very quickly and neatly when cutting in a straight line. These machines are the best for quick and accurate cutting, especially when it comes to cutting thick, strong materials such as stainless steels.



The accuracy of the CO₂ laser cutting machine is unmatched. The high-powered laser can produce accurate patterns on many different materials. The incision width of the laser is very narrow, allowing the CO₂ laser cutting machine to produce elegant, detailed designs.