“In a nutshell : We are a supplier of awesome machinery, home of super talented, crazy employees, dedicated to connecting with customers on a personal level, all while helping them to be awesome too.” 

SA Argus Laser Machines is a locally developed brand supported by a family owned business. Headed by the original founders, Larry and Estelle Smith and driven by their entrepreneurial vision and their commitment to their clients, delivering an after sale service of the highest standards while creating products that are at the forefront of technology.

“With more than 400 installations in SA since 2007, we are the leading supplier of CO2 Cutting & Engraving laser machines in SA (70W – 150W). Despite the rapid growth of the company, we have not lost touch with our clients as each and every machine still displays Larry’s cellphone number, being there for our clients 24/7.”

Staying true to their entrepreneurial roots, they are constantly seeking new ways to improve the businesses of their clients which led to the launch of the all new SMARTNavigator®. A practical, holistic desktop application solution to all laser business owners, providing access to multiple applications and business tools with a single click.

“As we grow, we are looking forward to playing a fundamental part in the success of our clients, as their success becomes our success.”